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Research and Development in Tropical Agriculture, SA



We offer a variety of professional services and products for your research, development and commercial needs.

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We have vast experience in conducting whole plant bioassays for herbicide resistance diagnosis, to determine interactions among chemicals and for mixture optimization (using isobole analyses), to characterize herbicide behaviour in soils, and to study factors affecting efficacy and performance including safeners and coadyuvants.  We also conduct, develop and optimize rapid tests for herbicide resistance using seeds, seedlings, tillers and other plant parts.  We have our proprietary collection of accessions of herbicide-resistant and -susceptible weeds that can be used for cross-resistance studies and for other objectives related to herbicide development.


Do not hesitate to contact us for professional advice in the implementation of an integrated pest management strategy in your agricultural operation, according to your local conditions and particular needs.  

If you have a new pest management technology under development we will be happy to provide you technical support and to evaluate it in the field according to the most rigorous standards and to your specifications.



We can design and implement weed surveys at different scales, form a single farm to an entire region.  We also provide the service of weed identification (please contact us to provide you details on how to send voucher samples).  At our own facilities we can reproduce weed seed for research purposes.  Given our ample experience in weedy rice research we can help you characterize your weedy rice biotypes according to your specific needs, from morphology and biology, including seed shattering, to herbicide response under controlled conditions.

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We can assist you in improving the language and conveying your scientific results for publication in English and Spanish.  We can also help you organize and publish technical information in the form of brochures, technical sheets and didactic materials.



Entering a new market requires a thorough knowledge of the local regulations and proper representation.  We offer small companies interested in exploring business opportunities for innovative agrochemicals in Costa Rica and other Central American countries support in obtaining reliable market information, support in product development and registration, including full representation.


We are an authorized distributor for EcoWeeder products, designed for the application of systemic herbicides without the risk of spray drift.  Equipments can be designed and custom built according to your particular weed control needs.



We can organize training sessions in all areas of crop protection specially tailored to your needs.  We also offer short courses and seminars in conjunction with internationally renowned scientists.  Students interested in having hands-on experience in conducting bioassays and carrying weed science related research projects are most welcome to contact us to define how we can provide technical support and academic advice. 

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Contact us if you require support in having plant, soil or water samples analyzed for pesticide residues.


Take advantage of our expertise in the statistical analysis of complex datasets particularly in relation to agrochemical interactions, toxicological studies (dose responses) and field work in crop protection.

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