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Research and Development in Tropical Agriculture, SA

Are you looking for dependable professional services provided by experienced
and highly qualified agrochemical scientists?


Do you need research and consulting services
in any area 
of weed science?


Then IDEA Tropical can help you achieve your goals

in a technically rigorous, effective
and cost efficient manner.


Research and Development in Tropical Agriculture conducts contract research and provides consulting services in all areas related to crop protection, particularly in the field of weed science and technology.  We also provide professional training to field technical advisors, agrochemical sales representatives and regulators on agrochemicals including physical chemical properties, formulation, environmental fate, proper use and disposal, equipment calibration, mode of action, and resistance prevention and management.  Through our network of affiliated partners we provide full pesticide residue analyses in plants, soil and water as well as support for statistical analyses of complex datasets.



IDEA tropical is located in Tambor, Alajuela, about 15 minutes away from the Juan Santamaria International Airport. Our facility is based in a 3.2 ha farm 970 m above sea level with maximum and minimum average temperatures of 28C and 19C, respectively.  Average rainfall is 1765 mm per year (7 months).  Facilities include several specialist greenhouses, a large warehousing, controlled temperature and relative humidity seed storage chamber, seed germination chambers, modern seed cleaning equipment, general use laboratory with basic equipment, tissue culture laboratory, and specialized spraying equipment.






To provide reliable consulting services to improve the sensible management of agricultural pests
through the generation of new knowledge and the development of better technological products
for the benefit of farmers and consumers.





To become the most well regarded, effective and professional consulting service in the crop protection sector. 




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