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Research and Development in Tropical Agriculture, SA

EcoWeeder herbicide applicators

IDEA Tropical is an authorized distributor of EcoWeeder equipments developed by Innovación Agroambiental S.A., Costa Rica. These award-winning equipments advance the concept of rope-wick application to achieve effective and affordable control of weeds without risk of herbicide drift and minimum chemical exposure to the applicator.  The applicators are ideal to eliminate highly competitive weeds and crop volunteers while promoting the growth and establishment of very low canopy cover species that prevent soil erosion and increased biodiversity at the farm level under the principles of integrated pest management.  Equipments are designed for different purposes from gardens and small plots to large operations such as perennial and plantation crops, including coffee, citrus, banana, oil palm, and forest trees.  We can also offer you custom-designed equipments for your specific needs and advice on herbicides and application techniques..

See additional information about models and applications.

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